'We take along memories of 8 years, 6 suitcases and 40 ft. container'

How long did you live in China? 

Almost 8 yrs 


How many luggage did you arrive with? 

2 suitcases and 4 boxes 


How was your China experience?  

Our China experience was unforgettable, enjoyable and great.

I am very grateful I had the chance to live in China.

What I liked the most was chance to meet new people, to explore new culture and to learn Chinese. 
What I did not like was the weather, some Chinese habits, pollution.


Your first impression of China upon arrival. 

I was shocked that no one could speak Chinese. I was frustrated no one could understand me, so I realized I need to go and learn Chinese.

What do you feel now when you are about to leave?

We have mixed feelings about our move. It is very sad to leave our friends behind, our beloved Ayi (ed. helper in China), our home and all the other good stuff we had in china. But on the other hand we are very happy and excited to go back home!


Any souvenir or memory of China you are taking along.

We take along memories of 8 years and a Chinese traditional tea pot.


How many luggage are you leaving with?

Laving with 6 suitcases and 40ft. container.