'We have a new life ahead of us'

How long did you live in China? 

Both of us lived in China for almost 6 years. We met 5 years ago. 


How much luggage did you arrive with? 

One small suitcase.


How was your China experience?  

We loved China. Of course it was not always easy... Cultural differences, language barrier, but to be honest life in China was like holidays most of the time: tropical weather, special treatment, lots of travel, good friends.


Your first impressions upon arrival. 

It might sound a bit silly, but... in Ukraine we have really long days during summer, it is getting dark after 10 pm. I arrived to China in October, it was still very hot (so still summer in my head), but at 6 pm was already dark... And I still remember that feeling like something is wrong, it shouldn't be like that.


What do you feel now when you are about to leave?

Well, we have a new life ahead of us. Of course it is bit scary and difficult to leave the comfort zone China became for us, but mostly we are excited for the new beginning. 


Any souvenir or memory of China you are taking.

Not really. Since I was pregnant at that time, most of the farewell gifts were for the baby - toys, traditional Chinese clothes. They have become our souvenirs.


How many luggage are you leaving with?

Two huge suitcases and 120 kg of belongings sent by post.