On the Cotton Tree Drive in Hong Kong, in the pretty park, somewhere in between the lake and the birds aviary, there is a cute pink building where many times during the day people from all over the world wholeheartedly repeat: "Yes, I do".
I came there, as a photographer, for Lena and Haaris wedding in September and was feeling like one of the guests upon leaving. I love these intimate ceremonies, where bride and groom have nothing to focus on but them. Juts witnesses, couple of guests and I - perfect to celebrate love. Every time I am all there, involved in the process, living the moment with the newlyweds. It is never an easy job, but always a joyful one.  
Our initial plan was to shoot at the aviary, but it was still pretty hot and humid outside (despite the end of September), so we decided not to climb all the way to the birds, but to stay at the lake and enjoy sunny late afternoon.