'We feel ready to go, but not ready to say goodbye'

How long did you live in China? 

As a family we lived in Shenzhen for just about 2 years. 


How many luggage did you arrive with? 

We arrived in Shenzhen from Abu Dhabi with 6 suitcases and shipped 2 cubic meters of belongings.


How was your China experience?  

Our China experience was valuable and memorable. We appreciate China for what it is and will remember our time here fondly.

Mark—I learned to play the ukulele and guitar and became physically fit and health conscious. Additionally, I engaged in a number of professional development opportunities and have grown as an educator. I disliked the social interactions that I often had or witnessed outside of my home and workplace. As a parent I found it very difficult to witness the way that local people engaged with my daughter. Her personal space has been repeated violated and a countless number of times she has been touched and photographed without her or our consent.

Jen—while living in Shenzhen I became very involved with ISZAF and this group is definitely my highlight. I appreciate China for what it is and will remember my time here fondly.

Your first impression of China upon arrival. 

When we first arrived in Shanghai back in 2006 we felt like China was on the verge of extreme growth and there was an embedded feeling of optimism. When I returned to China in 2016, Shenzhen continued to feel optimistic and additionally there is an impressive since of accomplishment.


What do you feel now when you are about to leave?

We feel ready to go but not ready to say goodbye.


Any souvenir or memory of China you are taking along.

We are taking a good luck cat and artwork made by some dear friends as memories of our time in China.


How many luggage are you leaving with?

4 suitcases, 3 backpacks and shipping 5 cubic meters of belongings.