'We feel very nostalgic saying goodbye'

How long did you live in China? 

We lived here for over 9 years now. 


How many luggage did you arrive with? 

And pretty much arrived with a suitcase.


How was your China experience?  

Patrick—Since we've been here for 9 years, so much changed. Things change super fast here, especially in Shenzhen, which is like the fastest changing city in the world. When we first came to China there was no smart phones, we didn't have WeChat..
Lisa—...but the Facebook was still available
Patrick—Yes, it was more free and relaxed in the beginning. Lately, it has gotten more repressive and nationalistic. But overall I have never had any bad experiences myself, people are always super nice and friendly to us. We enjoyed life very much, it was home for us for the better part of a decade. 


Your first impression of China upon arrival. 

Patrick—When we first arrived in mainland China we were students on an exchange program in Beijing, so it was more or less like a big class trip for us. We were totally flashed about everything, and it looked very communistic :)
Lisa—Yeah, but we were really positively surprised, how easy the life is and that people are super nice.
Patrick—and it was super cold.

What do you feel now when you are about to leave?

Patrick—It's a bit bitter sweet, we leave a lot of friends behind and our life here.
Lisa—Yes, we gonna miss it so much. Right now, we feel very nostalgic saying goodbye to all of our friends and colleagues.
Patrick—and to  sitting outside in a t-shirt in middle of December :)


Any souvenir or memory of China you are taking along?

Patrick—Our two cats
Lisa—Yes, our two cats and my colleagues made me this lovely photo book with photos of occasions we spent together - super sweet memories.


How many luggage are you leaving with?

For luggage now, we only have a suitcase each, some hand luggage and a cat each.


Where are you moving to?
To Berlin, Germany, at the moment it still feels like just going on vacation, but we hope to get over the culture shock soon and settle here.